Jewel Care, to make you happily ever after!

Wear jewels correct

Don't ever wear jewels during housework, gardening, sport activities, when swimming, taking a shower, bath or sauna, or while sunbathing. Especially gold and silver jewels loose very fast their color and brilliance if done so. Gold, ruthenium or rhodium plated jewels, especially ruthenium plated ones, can thereby wear off much faster.

Saltwater, chlorous and sulfurous water are in particular damaging your jewels. Very delicate gemstones can be affected as well.

In perpetuity dishwater and sweat can damage the jewel's surface. In addition kicks can lead to deep indentions and/or scratches that may not be repairable.

Special attention on pearls! Pearls consist of organic substances, why you have to exercise with care. If the threat gets wet it can happen that it doesn't dry correct and remains wet. Consequence – the pearl digests from inside and gets rot. Attention on any kind of plated jewels, especially ruthenium plated ones, that's coating can wear down.

Jewel + Make-Up

With jewel + Make-up take notice to follow the golden rule – Make-up and cosmetic handle always before putting on the jewels!

Protect your jewel, especially pearls, against steams, grease or oils, any cosmetics, hair spray, powder, perfumes, deodorants, sun cream etc.

Service jewels correct

Most important cleansing material is the fuzz free, soft cleaning cloth!

With that sweat and fine dirt particles can be removed easily. For heavy dirt use hand warm water in addition (only noble metals). Please remember to clean jewel single wise. Aggressive cleaning agents or solvers are taboo for cleaning jewels! Take care not to bring your jewel in contact with any kind of chemical substance (chlorous and sulfurous water, saltwater, etc.).

For silver jewels only use off-the-shelf silver clean! Gold clean or sterling cutleries clean are improper. Also take care on blackened or plated jewels, never clean them by silver clean or silver cloth, which could lead to the loos of the blackening.

Take extra care with pearls! Pearls consist of organic substances and are very sensitive to any kind of treatment in combination with soap, water or any other kind of cleaning agent. Never ever (!) bring pearls in contact with water! Keep the pearls luster with a simple fuzz free, soft cleaning cloth. For cleaning the pearls the right way we recommend the visit of a specialized shop (jeweler, goldsmith).

Preserve jewels correct

The best way to treasure jewels is the common old fashioned version, inside a jewel box. This box in best case has many space divisions and soft lining inside, to give every jewel the needed space. A plug-in row for the rings is a very comfortable accessory.

Silver jewels easily oxidate or sulfidate by and by and tarnish turquoise-green, black or gray. Also true for silver plated jewels, e.g. costume jewelry. Preserve jewels outside moist rooms like the bath room. Moisture can accelerate oxidation and sulfidation.

The surface tarnish can be removed within minutes at a specialized shop (jeweler, goldsmith) and a special cleaning bath.

At persons allergic to silver jewels in general it can happen, that tarnish by oxidation or sulfidation returns short term after cleaning the jewel at a specialist, and despite obeying the jewel care.

In that case for allergic persons to silver jewels we recommend silver jewels rhodium plated. Due to this extra coating your jewels are covered against tarnish. Please contact us to execute this for you!

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